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Spring Residential Lawn Care Tips

Spring is the time of year when everything starts to warm up and defrost, the breeze is cool, and once again the air is filled with the steady hum of lawnmowers in action. Homeowners in America take a great deal of pride in their gardens and will spend on average $6.4 billion a year on lawn care alone.

They will buy lawnmowers, seed, fertilizer, herbicide, string trimmers, and other such related equipment, all in an effort to create their perfect lawn, which will be a lush green expanse of grass which feels cool between their toes. A healthy lawn, as any reputable residential lawn care specialist will tell you, begins with spring maintenance. Winter does in fact, alter your soil’s pH levels and compact the soil, which will create a breeding ground for weeds and disease to grow, so it is important to clean, fertilize and mow your garden earlier in the season.

So what does one do once the winter’s receding snow starts to reveal bald patches, invasive plants, and other such problems? Well, do not worry, simply break out your broadcast spreader and read through some of our spring lawn care tips. If you already have a well-maintained lawn, then all you need to do is give it a quick rakingĀ once the ground has thawed out. But any problem areas must be addressed quickly because if not, they will place too much stress on your lawn, which means it is more open to weeds and disease to set in.

One common problem will be uneven ground. Low spots will create bad drainage and high spots will be often scalped by your lawn mower. Because these situations can create bad growing conditions for grass, you will need to cut away any areas which are raised and fill the ones in which are depressed.

If you are like most homeowners and simply do not have enough time to care for your garden, then contact our residential lawn care company. Call Crestwood Tree Care at (310) 469-9390 today. We are in Inglewood, CA.


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