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Professional Tree Trimming Tips Every Homeowner Should Do


Trees do more than just enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. They also give extra protection from the weather and improve the air quality around you. Proper care is important to keep your trees in healthy. You should find time to attend to this important chore on a regular basis. If you want to get rid of old trees at home, be sure to book a tree removal service.


Proper care should also include removing dead trees from the backyard. Getting rid of them gives you the chance to plant new trees in place. Plus, this will also prevent unwanted accidents due to falling branches at home. We have outlined a few professional tree trimming tips that every homeowner should be doing right now:



  • Use a Three-Cut Technique



The three-cut technique is an easy and safe method for trimming the dead branches away. Make the first cut on the side of the stem that is facing away from the branch. You then make the second cut inside and above the crotch of the branch ridge before fully removing it.


  • Don’t Stand Underneath the Tree


Safety should always be your priority when you’re doing tree trimming chores. You shouldn’t stand directly underneath the tree when doing this chore. You will suffer life-threatening injuries when the branch falls directly on you. Besides wearing safety gear, you should cut the branches from the other side of the tree to prevent any accidents.



  • Use a Rope to Remove a Stuck Tree



There are instances where the tree doesn’t fall like it should. The tree could get caught with another tree or your clothes lines. You use a rope to pull it and let it fall safely on the ground.


If you want to book a professional tree removal service, Crestwood Tree Care is the company you must turn to. We provide exceptional tree care services at affordable prices. You will rest easy knowing you are working with a qualified arborist in the area. If you want to get a free price estimate, please call (310) 469-9390 or visit our office, located at Inglewood, CA, today!



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